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Learn to play an instrument, brush up on your skills or give your children the gift of music.

At Family Music Studio we have a variety of music classes from beginners to advanced. If you have always wanted to sing or learn to play an instrument, now is the time to fulfill your dreams. Your children will benefit greatly from the confidence, creativity and fun that comes with learning to make music. Come and try our music classes in Endeavour Hills today.

About Us

The team at Family Music Studio is dedicated to providing comprehensive, effective and most important of all… fun music classes. Family Music Studio is a relaxed environment where students will be encouraged to express themselves freely through music. Our music classes in Endeavour Hills allow children to develop organically at their own pace. Our tutors are supportive, patient, and very talented. They know how to structure and encourage learning for the individual, so students learn quickly that dedication reaps reward.

Our Classes

At Family Music Studio we offer a range of options to suit your or your child’s needs:

  • Group Classes
  • Individual Classes
  • Beginners Classes
  • Intermediate Classes
  • Advanced Classes

We also have music classes in a wide range of disciplines and instruments.

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