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Our Classes

kids piano classes


The great thing about music is that you can pick it up at any age, so whether you want to learn yourself or encourage your Children to learn an instrument, it’s never too late.

At Family Music Studio, we offer a Variety of music classes for kids and Adults alike. Our Easy Piano Chord System, kids piano classes allows any novice to be playing their first song in minutes instead of hours. We teach:

Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, Violin and Music Theory and Exam Preparation following the AMEB Syllabus..

We cover all genres of music – Classical, Contemporary, Modern and Jazz

Beginner to advanced levels are available for






Easy piano chord system, kids piano classes

Music theory

A relaxed environment

Tailoring classes to meet the specific needs of each pupil, our tutors follow the Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) syllabus, as well as the renowned Easy Piano Chord System. We make learning as enjoyable as possible by providing expert guidance to help develop creative talent.

At Family Music Studio, our music classes take place in a welcoming environment, allowing our students to learn in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. As a result, they easily develop their musical skills, as well as their overall confidence and creativity.

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